Mohamed Baraket


Mohamed Baraket‘s career journey has been marked by a series of pivotal leadership positions, each contributing to his extensive knowledge and experience:

Chairman and Board Member: At CFE/CTE Tunisia, Mohamed’s leadership as Chairman and Board Member of the local construction company branch underscored his active involvement in the construction and real estate sectors.

Regional Focus at FINACorp: During his tenure at FINACorp, he brought his regional focus to the fore, with a strong emphasis on privatization programs and real estate opportunities in Algeria and Morocco.

Deputy General Manager at C.M.R: As Deputy General Manager, Mohamed was responsible for studies, research, contract management, and sales follow-up at C.M.R, both in Tunisia and France.

CEO of Odyssey Consulting & Advisory: Serving as the CEO of Odyssey Consulting & Advisory, Mohamed Baraket has played a pivotal role in providing expert consultancy services for industrial projects. His contributions have had a profound impact on national upgrade programs in Tunisia.

International Business Expert: His involvement with international companies such as L’Oréal Cosmetics and the Tunisian Chemical Group led to successful export ventures in East-European countries, including Greece and Turkey.

A Man of Multifaceted Interests

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mohamed Baraket is a man of multifaceted interests. He is an avid yachting enthusiast, demonstrating a passion for adventure and exploration. Additionally, he has actively engaged in humanitarian services, further highlighting his commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Affiliations and Associations

Mohamed Baraket is an active member of various professional networks and associations, including LinkedIn, Sorbonne P.S Paris I – Pantheon-Sorbonne University Alumni Network, Middle East and North Africa Investment Group, Club d’Affaires Maghreb, Real Estate & Infrastructure Group, and Maritime & Dredging Group. Furthermore, he is a distinguished member of the International Lions Club Association and the Lions Club Tunis Doyen, showcasing his dedication to community service.

Mohamed Baraket’s remarkable journey in business and management, coupled with his dedication to fostering economic growth and excellence, has made him a prominent figure in the fields of commerce and regional development. His profound expertise, dynamic leadership, and unwavering commitment continue to shape the economic landscape of North Africa and the international business arena.