Lotfi M’Hissen is a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished career in the field of transportation and public administration. With a background in general engineering, he has excelled in leadership roles throughout his career, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the transportation sector in Tunisia.

Lotfi M’Hissen’s career journey has been marked by several key leadership positions, each contributing to his extensive knowledge and experience. His professional trajectory includes:

CEO of the Land Transport Technical Agency (Agence Technique des Transports Terrestres): Lotfi M’Hissen has served as the Chief Executive Officer of this agency, where he played a pivotal role in shaping and implementing technical and regulatory aspects of land transportation in Tunisia. His leadership has contributed to the enhancement of safety and efficiency within the country’s transportation infrastructure.

CEO of OACA (Civil Aviation and Airports Office): As the CEO of OACA, Lotfi M’Hissen oversaw Tunisia’s civil aviation and airports, ensuring that the nation’s air travel and airport operations adhered to international standards of excellence. His strategic vision and leadership helped in fostering a conducive environment for air transport.

Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Transport: Lotfi M’Hissen’s responsibilities as Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Transport provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the policy and administrative aspects of the transportation sector. He played a critical role in advising the Ministry on key matters related to transportation policy and planning.

General Director of Strategy and Public Transport Companies, Ministry of Transport: In this capacity, Lotfi M’Hissen was entrusted with the crucial task of developing strategic initiatives and policies to advance the public transportation system in Tunisia. His contributions in this role have had a lasting impact on the country’s transportation network.

CEO of SNTRI (Société Nationale du Transport Régional et Interurbain): As the CEO of SNTRI, Lotfi M’Hissen was at the helm of a national organization responsible for regional and interurban transport. His leadership ensured the provision of reliable and accessible transportation services to citizens and communities across Tunisia.

CEO of SNTR (Société Régionale des Transports de Nabeul): In this role, Lotfi M’Hissen led a regional transport company, contributing to the efficient movement of people and goods in the Nabeul region. His leadership at the regional level further exemplifies his commitment to improving transportation at all levels.

Director of Transport Planning and Studies, Ministry of Transport: Lotfi M’Hissen’s role in transport planning and studies allowed him to contribute to the development of comprehensive and forward-thinking transportation plans. His insights and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the transportation landscape in Tunisia.

Throughout his career, Lotfi M’Hissen has demonstrated a deep-seated dedication to the advancement of the transportation sector in Tunisia. His leadership, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the country’s infrastructure and transportation policies. Lotfi M’Hissen’s contributions continue to be celebrated and recognized in the field of transportation and public administration.